NOW LIVE is renting made simple.Places where home is best, places where our residents are our customers and where nobody should have to worry about their home because we take care of that.

NOW LIVE epitomises the best of 'no hassle' living, its a bills free environment, where compact living does not mean you need to compromise on quality or environment and leaves more of your income in your pocket.

Our multi-functional design focuses on health and wellbeing and in every decision we always put community first. NOW LIVE is a lifestyle convenience led offering, which is technologically enabled to attract the savvy chic well travelled younger generation of today.

NOW LIVE is a brand brought to you by The Ringley Group and is available to be assigned to your next development. Choose Ringley as your Build to Rent Strategist, Consultant, Partner, or Operator. Together we can model, plan, mobilise and run your developments, or set up the systems, procedures, technology so you can self manage and run your own in-house team.